FABRICATION Coastal Fabrication Co. can cut, bend, shear, and punch to your specifications. Delivery available.

MATERIAL SALES Wide selection of materials available. In order to better serve our customers, deliveries are made 3 times a week.

WELDING Any process, any location. Coastal Fabrication Co. has two fully equipped rigs ready to take on your projects with speed and perfection.

STRUCTURAL STEEL We take the headaches out of structural steel. Each project begins with Auto Cad and shop drawings, as warranted. We provide the contractor with our own base plate templates to insure accuracy and proper fit up. After shop drawings are approved for construction, we begin fabrication. You will then witness a flawless install and structural steel accuracy seldom achieved by other structural fabricators. Tired of losing your foremen to help the metal guys? Give us your elevation we will take care of the rest.

ORNAMENTAL FABRICATION Whether using polished stainless or wrought iron nothing less than consistency and perfection is acceptable. When it comes to ornamental fabrication, our goal is to achieve "the wow factor". We take the time to get the job done and get the job done right, the first time.

CUSTOM CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS Having an engineering conundrum? Maybe we can help. Whether it's rigging and moving an extremely heavy item, positioning extremely heavy tubes with pin point accuracy, or even producing and manufacturing custom concrete form systems to streamline a project, we can help.

MIXED MEDIA We don't just work with metal. If you enjoy the elegance of fine metal working, but want the softer feel of wood, it's no problem at all. We have an entire wood shop to complement our metal working equipment.

AUTOCAD SERVICES Our auto cad shop drawings take the confusion and mistakes out of the fabrication process. We use 3D modeling, giving us the ability to show you a 100% accurate rendering of what we are producing before ordering a single piece of material. Using AutoCAD allows us to fabricate confusing shapes and very large structural projects, piece by piece, which would be virtually impossible with out it.

CUSTOM MACHINING Coastal Fabrication can custom machine anything from one off parts, to large run production projects out of stainless, brass, bronze, aluminum and steel.


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